Ruben Milano


let me tell you about my friend, ruben…

Ruben Milano’s story is more than an immigrant’s tale, and it is more than the disease that is threatening him. Ruben’s story is the embodiment of love, the epitome of hope, and believing in miracles.

Born in Argentina to Italian parents and coming to the United States in 1982, Ruben and his sister Angi were typical kids, until their world came crashing down. Ruben’s father became gravely ill, first diagnosed with Polysistic Kidney Disorder, which gave way to End Stage Renal Disease. At only 12, Ruben lost his father, leaving his mother a young widow with two children to raise. Soon after, Ruben and Angi were also diagnosed with Polysystic Kidney Disorder.

After living with this disorder throughout his childhood, Ruben received another blow at 20 when doctors discovered a large cancerous tumor in his colon. Unphased, Ruben had the emergency surgery to remove the tumor and much as he’d been doing his entire life, beat the odds. He went on to marry the love of his life, Norma, and had three beautiful children.

Then came August of 2016.

Feeling sluggish, Ruben visited his doctor only to be told that he was fine. When the symptoms persisted, Ruben returned to his doctor and was rushed into a four-hour surgery to clear four arteries that were completely blocked and on the brink of a heart attack. He was in recovery for five days, and when he woke, found that the surgery had a toll on his kidneys.

Ruben was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease.

Ruben, despite the circumstances, remains happy, loving, and grateful. He fights, however, for his family. Determined not to let his children grow-up without their father and not leave Norma a widow, he seeks the miracle of a kidney transplant.

The chances of being chosen off “The List” is slim to none, so Ruben is seeking a miracle by reaching out to the entire world.

His miracle might just be you.