Help Ruben Find a Kidney
Help Ruben Find a Kidney
Ruben is a family man.

What Ruben Faces…

While Ruben Milano is no stranger to health scares and struggles [READ HIS STORY HERE], the battle he is facing today is more perilous physically and more daunting emotionally than anything he has ever faced.

Despite being on dialysis for four years, Ruben is currently experiencing near constant cyst development. These cysts develop in his kidneys, which then rupture. In addition to being excruciatingly painful, the burst cysts then cause Ruben’s organs to react, prompting an autoimmune response. This auto-immune response causes Ruben’s own body to attack his vital organs, and with each attack, his body weakens and carries with it a higher risk of death.

The situation is grim.

Without a kidney transplant, Ruben will not win this battle.

Ruben needs you. His children need you. His wife needs you. And by helping Ruben by reaching out to the Kidney Transplant Society, you could help all of them, as well as countless of others who are also in need. You don’t need to be an exact match, you just need to have love and hope in your heart.

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Name: Ruben Milano
Age: 40 years old
Blood Type: O Positive
Status: Married
Kids: 3 Daughters



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